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Altar’d State started with a mission to fill a gap in the retail industry and change the world for the better. We began as one little shop - learning, growing, defining who we are. When we liked what we made, we branched out and continued developing along the way. Since 2009, we have grown our footprint from one fledgling retail shop to over 80 booming fashion boutiques across our region with no plans to stop.

December 1980:

Brian Mason bought his first article of clothing. This is a day he would never forget.


April 1992:

Aaron Walters took his first job in fashion retail. A seed was planted.


August 2007:

Mason and Walters met while working for a large clothing chain in Knoxville, Tennessee. The two worked to successfully reawaken a struggling division and formed a strong partnership along the way.


November 2008:

A down-turned economy began to cause some concern in the retail industry...well, and pretty much everywhere.


January 2009:

The two learned their employer would be filing bankruptcy and began talking about ways they could continue working together. They explored many options and eventually went their separate ways...or so they thought.


April 2009:

Mason and Walters met in Bentonville, Arkansas to develop the strategy for their store. In a small coffee shop, they sat down and wrote a business plan for a modernized Christian shopping experience. After a borderline healthy amount of coffee and thought, Altar'd State was born.


July 2009:

The duo, along with a few easily-persuaded others, traveled to Atlanta and Denver to experience Altar'd State's first official market trip.


November 2009:

The first Altar'd State opened in Knoxville as a modern Christian retail store and coffee shop. It received genuine support from the local community. Mason and Walters were happy with the early success, but still felt that the shop needed something different.


April 2010:

The budding retailer discovered a new, but promising, market opportunity to add fashion apparel, jewelry and accessories.


July 2010:

The Altar'd State team, now 5 full-time employees, set out on a major market trip. The store was already carrying some apparel, but it was during this trip that the major shift towards a unique fashion retailer occurred.


November 2010:

After a full year of evolution, Altar'd State transformed in to a popular women's fashion boutique and opened a second store in Birmingham, AL.



Altar'd State opened 9 more stores in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Virginia. Successes and lessons were a-plenty while Mason and Walters built a successful boutique that was truly different from other retailers.



Altar'd State operates over 90 boutiques in twenty-three states, with plans to continue growth. We also launched our A'Beautiful Soul line. Our locations will always stand out for good and do their part to change the world for the better. Altar'd State is headquartered in Maryville, TN under the direction of Mason and Walters.